Surviving a foreseen Disaster…

Mountain View (Foto: Abhiram Prakash via Pexels)
Mountain View (Foto: Abhiram Prakash via Pexels)

I’ve always struggled with my gift for predicting what will happen when you can rarely change anything with it anyway. For providence works in the decisions of people, there is no fate that can be averted….

An unexpected Loss (Text: Martin Duehning)
An unexpected Loss (Text: Martin Duehning)

An unexpected Loss

After they had driven out the guardian,
Marauders invaded their possessions
An devastated the Old Lands,
As he had predicted.

They wondered about,
Were perplexed and simply
Could not explain it.

* * *

Lost Farewell
Lost Farewell (Text: Martin Duehning)

Lost Farewell

Hello, my little guardsman,
The watch was far too long,
You surely watched so well:
Many a day
And many a winter’s night
And far too few have thanked you,
Oh those foolish sleepers!

Now come back to your source,
Rest peacefully and
Tell me your adventures!

* * *

Paradise Lost - Poem (Text: Martin Duehning)
Paradise Lost – Poem (Text: Martin Duehning)

Paradise lost

A day in paradise, just like,
The sky blue, the waters wide,
Dazzling in sounds and feelings,
A day of bright hope by the sea,
I am all at, I am complete, just perfect,
So much anticipation, so much confidence,
So many feelings untapped,
Dreams of a horizon full of stars,
Dreams of days like the one, just for us,
Back in that summer.

But it’s not real, it’s just not real.
You dared for. You dared for.
You dared for your very own future.
You dared for yourself only – but I am
Tired of a life full of suffering,
And full of wickedness,
I am tired of these people
Who suck on me like vampires,
Who only live out their egos
At the expense of their fellow man
And who justify injustice
With freedom and prosperity.
They are just their own gods. Demiurgs.
And so was you. And me, probably, too.

There should be a hell for such wickedness,
In moral terms it would only be fair,
But the truth is different:
Instead there is a hell for every day.
And thats daily life.

* * *

Life Decisions

As parents, when you interfere
In your children’s very own life decisions,
Don’t say: „You’ll understand later!“

Because they will not understand.
And they will not forget it either.

But they may forgive you one day.

* * *

Tolerance - Poem (Text: Martin Duehning)
Tolerance – Poem (Text: Martin Duehning)


Tolerance does not mean
Accepting everything around you,
Accepting it without any comment
Or even ignoring it.

Tolerance means
Patiently putting up with other attitudes,
Seeking dialogue with those who think differently and
Also being prepared to explain one’s own principles
In a way that others can understand.

Tolerance is not about
Pulling the wool over the eyes of others,
But about promoting discourse
And broadening horizons.

But those who have no opinion of their own, or those
Who are not interested in other opinions at all,
Those who are indifferent to everything,
Those people are not tolerant,
But only thoughtless and lazy.

* * *

Masters of Wisdom

When you’re dealing with great teachers,
You can verify many of their wisdoms quite easily,
If you look at how they treat their own children.

When things don’t work out even on a small scale,
Then you’d better not let them run the world.

* * *

Sonnet of Lifetime - Poem (Text: Martin Duehning)
Sonnet of Lifetime – Poem (Text: Martin Duehning)

Sonnet of Lifetime

We all have our gifts for a limited time
And we all have our own little lifetime:
It’s a limited circle in space and time,
Everything has a beginning, everything has an end.
The farewell is always sad, but the beginnings,
The beginnings are all blessed.

It does not matter whether we receive applause at the end
Or whether monuments are erected for us in later times.
When we are allowed to make our lives meaningful,
Then this is the greatest reward, worthy of its own.

The value of a life is not measured in happiness.
(If one wants to measure a life at all.)
Meaning is higher than personal happiness:
Meaning gives life its true greatness.

* * *


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