Winterpastell (Grafik: Martin Dühning)

Midwinter Lyrics

Midwinter is just around the corner, a time of fading lights and deep hope for better times. A phase of inner reflection: time to review, time for enlightenment, for dreaming.

Ufer von Konstanz am 27. Juni 2016 (Foto: Martin Dühning)

Loving is not for reason…

June is the month of justice, through its enlightenment and because the sun is now highest. Loving is not for reason, morality does not serve personal happiness. Utility is neither an ethical nor an aesthetic value. […]

Kein Bild


Actually, this is not the right time for great operations I think. Outside, the next winter storm is going on, inside, I’m tired of a busy week. But I enjoy reading some foto-books about the art […]