Lyrical Notes in September 2022

The Treasury / Golden Chamber (Grafik: Martin Dühning)
The Treasury / Golden Chamber (Grafik: Martin Dühning)

For many, the obvious only becomes visible when someone puts it into words, condenses it in sentences – and that is why poems are still important today.

Compassion - Poem (Text: Martin Dühning)
Compassion – Poem (Text: Martin Dühning)


„I must“, „I must“, „I must“,
that is the mantra of the self-believers.
They think they are social,
But they only overestimate themselves.
Control thinking replaces reason and
Constraints replace the choice of possibilities.

It is not up to the individual, but the interconnectedness:
For it is not heroes who save the world, not individual impulses,
But a compassion that withdraws itself and that remains in balance:
Balance in the relational web of being.

„I must“, „I must“ – that leads astray.
„We can“, „we may“, perhaps also: „we should“ -.
This is the only way to solve the problems of life.

* * *

The Importance of Poetry (Text: Martin Dühning)
The Importance of Poetry (Text: Martin Dühning)

The Importance of Poetry

Sure, you could have feelings: Love, longing, hatred,
You could have them all purely, without words.

But how will you remember these human moments?
You’ll only remember them again when they resound
In syllables, spoken by the human voice,
The faint, blessed singing
That can awaken even stoned hearts…

And sure, all the world’s hidden wisdoms,
They can also be sensed quite palpably,
But without the right words, they remain blurred,
And the sense drifts, quickly fades into the mists.
We do not fulfill our longing if we remain so shallow.
Of uncertainty and forgetfulness, reason dies.

That’s why poets are needed, even today, especially today,
Weavers of words, who make them resound sharp,
A true, filigree fabric of this great cosmos …
For those who are able to hear, re-senseand understand them.

* * *

Modern Indulgence Trade - Poem (Text: Martin Dühning)
Modern Indulgence Trade – Poem (Text: Martin Dühning)

Modern Indulgence Trade

Buy a T-shirt and we’ll plant you trees in the rainbow forest,
Buy yourself a smartphone and we‘ll grant you eternity in the cloud,
Buy yourself an SUV, silver-plated, you’re better, you’re good,
Better than those unclean ones, who haven‘t money, who are not saved,
Buy some of our certificates, we‘ll award you the happiest bliss,
You save the world and we’ll wash your egoism green,
Buy yourself healthy, buy yourself lovely,
Buy a clear conscience for yourself and your loved ones as well.

`cause when your gold in the casket rings, waste becomes fresh again,
Give your coins, give your strength, give up your mind,
Ah, avarice is horny, and we can silver your conscience,
We clean, we clear everything with the power of cash,
Buy this, buy that, buy even trash, as long as it has a certificate,
Then we’ll forgive your debt to the exploitation of the world,
Signed by Mammon the Green, yes, the Goddess Gaya herself.
You don’t have to check it either, feel deep inside how good it feels.

Buy yourself happy, buy yourself well,
Buy good, by goods, by god, goodbye …

* * *

For the better - Poem (Text: Martin Dühning)
For the better – Poem (Text: Martin Dühning)

For the better

Be starlight, not darkness,
For the gloom is overpowering,
When the lightness hides or eclipses.

Be remembrance, not oblivion,
For time, this insatiable, horrible monster,
Devours all, what got lost.

Give hope instead of sowing hatred,
For what is sown sprouts finally
And the end remains open,
As long as we can decide
For the good, for the better.

* * *


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