Springtime Poems II

Wolkenhimmel (Foto: Rahul Pandit via Pexels)
Wolkenhimmel (Foto: Rahul Pandit via Pexels)

There are also those rain-soaked days in spring when the sky is overcast but still breathes depth…

… and while the earth draws new creative power from the May rain and while the migraine arising from the south wind fades away, new poems arise from thoughts …

Pathfinder - Poem (Text: Martin Dühning)
Pathfinder – Poem (Text: Martin Dühning)


It is our innermost hope that makes us alive
And it is hope that distinguishes us from stones
And beings who are without deeper context.
It is the hope that sets the goal for our destiny.

Yes, there are also people who roll through their lives
Like stones and who eternally grimly deny everything
That is beyond their poor, limited senses.

No one forces us to assume a deeper meaning in things
And for many people this is more of a curse than a blessing.
Freedom from meaning is the absence of coherence.
Without coherence, however, it is difficult to move forward.

Let us rather aim at the stars than at the potholes.
We can only avoid the latter, and so we should,
But they do not show us the way.

* * *

Thoughts on eternal Life I (Text: Martin Dühning)
Thoughts on eternal Life I (Text: Martin Dühning)

Thoughts On Eternal Life, I

The older I get, the less tempting
The prospect of eternal life seems to me.
Yes, it seems to me to be rather
Perpetual agony than Elysium
If one has to exist eternally.

It may be that it IS in HIS Holy Name
That one cannot sink into darkness in HIS light
– and death undoubtedly remains the last enemy.
Life is the highest good on earth.

But that does not make an eternal
Existence much more reasonable.
Being full of life is not a question of
Limitless continuation:
When it is fulfilled, it is fulfilled.

Nor do I understand why some people attach
Such great importance to a continuation in the hereafter
And at the same time they waste their lifetime in this world
By so often refraining from doing good.

* * *

Thoughts on eternal Life II - Poem (Text: Martin Dühning)
Thoughts on eternal Life II – Poem (Text: Martin Dühning)

Thoughts on eternal Life, II

For ourselves, we do not need eternal life
For when our life is full, it is fulfilled.
But we want those we love to be alive.
For we cannot love the dead,
And yet if we cease to love those
Who are no longer with us, then we betray them.
And love, if it is faithful, does not betray.

Therefore, life comes from a love that is fulfilled.
And the greater the love, the more vivid it makes.
True love knows no boundaries
And love transcends all barriers:
Space and time do not exist against love,
For love is greater.

And therefore, he who is in love cannot be dead at all.
This is impossible and it would be an insult to
His Holy Name if we were to assume this.

* * *

Talk back - Poem (Text: Martin Dühning)
Talk back – Poem (Text: Martin Dühning)

Talk back

Do not force me to a fixed place when my shadow has passed away.
Do not give me speeches when there is no one left to hear them.
Do not waste your time conjuring up what is lost.

For life is the value to be respected.
We are like butterflies only luminous as long as we fly.
When the day is over, we are just memories.

What good would idolatry do to a breath of wind?
Would anyone be able to thank you for it, your cult of the departed?
It is not right to take from the living to give it to the dead.

Therefore honour the living, but do not serve the cold stones.
For that wastes strength, and it profanes the name of the Living.
And if you do, who will answer you? The shadows, perhaps?

Carpe Diem.

* * *

What if ... - Poem (Text: Martin Dühning)
What if … – Poem (Text: Martin Dühning)

What if…

But what if there had been someone,
Someone to satisfy the longing,
Someone with heart and mind,
Someone with vision and with hope,
Someone faithful first of all?

And what would have been if
The place had been right, and
The time had been right,
And what would have been if,
At this hypothetical right moment,
There had been a „WE“?

Maybe future would have come out of it. Maybe.
But maybe the moment would have just faded away…
… Just as it did in fact.

* * *

Alientation - Poem (Text: Martin Dühning)
Alientation – Poem (Text: Martin Dühning)


This feeling when you meet a person
You once knew, who was once familiar
To your heart and whom you trusted completely,
But time is no more,

This feeling when he doesn’t recognise you
And you can still associate him softly
With your memories, but he is no longer real,
He is defunct, a mere shadow,

This feeling of ruined friendship,
Broken ties and forgotten loyalty –
That’s a feeling you wouldn’t wish
On your worst enemy!

* * *

Thanks to Heaven - Poem (Text: Martin Dühning)
Thanks to Heaven – Poem (Text: Martin Dühning)

Thanks to heaven…

Sky is illuminated by so many stars – and from each one
You could create a whole world for yourself
In this overflowing universe – it is so manifold!
Yes: Even a small rain cloud contains so many raindrops
That it would be idle to count them all.

It never ceases to amaze me – or rather, it disillusions me –
How one can still go through his days primitively,
Blind and deaf, thinking you only can get results
With noise, with violence, with war and with drugs?

What can come of that, with such a rumbling „lifestyle“?
But yet these are the very people who set the tone in this world.
How good it is that the cosmos is so manifold, has more stars –
Which they, despite their power, will never reach in lifetime
And which are free from their corrupting influence!

* * *

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