Stop War! (Foto: Sima Ghaffarzadeh via Pexels)

Poems against War

It’s war in Europe again. An aggressive, merciless assault by Russia’s dictator Putin against a much smaller country. There is not much we can do – but at least we can write.

Mountain View (Foto: Abhiram Prakash via Pexels)

Surviving a foreseen Disaster…

I’ve always struggled with my gift for predicting what will happen when you can rarely change anything with it anyway. For providence works in the decisions of people, there is no fate that can be averted….

Goldener Herbstwald (Grafik: Martin Dühning)

Autumn Sun

There are losses in life that you survive, but not quite – something will always be missing, shadows remain, fine cracks. And though much time passes, it will never heal.

Angel and Sun (Foto: Rakicevic Nenad via Pexels)

The Four Angels

Everywhere is night, there is no light in the world – and that annoyed me. Therefore, I sent out four angels into the world, which should dispel the darkness.

Treeness - Visual Poem (Text: Martin Duehning)

Nordic Fairy Tales and Poetry

Over the days I have been delving a little into nordic fairy tales and their illustrations, including those by John Bauer. And while I was immersed in them, thinking about humanity, I wrote some more verses…

Winterpastell (Grafik: Martin Dühning)

Midwinter Lyrics

Midwinter is just around the corner, a time of fading lights and deep hope for better times. A phase of inner reflection: time to review, time for enlightenment, for dreaming.

Ufer von Konstanz am 27. Juni 2016 (Foto: Martin Dühning)

Loving is not for reason…

June is the month of justice, through its enlightenment and because the sun is now highest. Loving is not for reason, morality does not serve personal happiness. Utility is neither an ethical nor an aesthetic value. […]