Seven English Poems

Time passes, thoughts drift by, and some other words ring out into space…

Path of Life - Visual Poem
Path of Life – Visual Poem

Path of Life

Truly, I have lived
Only in the few hours,
When we were together.
Hours and minutes in between,
Between all evil,
The suffering and destruction.

But my silent tears
Were not enough for you,
Because you only saw yours.

And so the paths have parted
You chose a different road.
And the path of life –
It closed for me.

* * *

Forced Deforestation - Visual Poem
Forced Deforestation – Visual Poem

Forced Deforestation

If each seed,
All the trees I planted
In my long lasting life
Would have yielded harvest:
There would have been
Forests over forests
Full of blooming flowers,
Fresh greening branches
With magical sparkling fruits.

But unfortunately
I was born into a time
Of chain-saws and human trolls,
Who don’t let live anything,
Which doesn’t fit into their
Very poor and limited minds.

So all that remains
Is devastation.

* * *

One too much

The poison of the others
Paralyzed my steps
And took the center
Of each moment.

And all the kicks
Third parties gave me
– and the second ones also –
Hurt daily.

I have walked quietly a long way
Over all the troubles,
Mountain by mountain,
Without rest and recreation.

But there is no „you“ anymore
And there is little left of me
And a „we“ – that never existed.

* * *

Derailment - Visual Poem
Derailment – Visual Poem


You look at a bizarre world
That has gone off the rails.
A derailed toy train,
But all in seriousness,
Because the childlike empress is dead
And unimaginative adults
Are feasting themselves
On the abyss.

If you had written it down
In one of your storybooks,
You would have been declared mad,
As always these days.

But this is a real-life satire,
One, that is certainly not funny.

* * *

Fortune and Misfortune

My Fortune is in the distance,
Unreachable far.
My Failure is imminent,
Misfortune, it’s so close.

Friends in faraway lands,
Hostile neighbors:
If the circumstances
Of my life were reversed:

It would have been so perfect!

* * *

Sonnet of Lonelyness

Life is a wacky wasteland,
A desert full of thorns, stones
And empty, unfulfilled promises.

At least you can stand it,
When the moon is high in sky
And the stinging sun is missing.

And for rain and times of green
You certainly wait in vain,
In vain you hope to find
A bubbling, reviving spring.

For what you encounter
Are snakes and coyotes only,
– and they only expect you
To go down alone, to perish.

* * *

Sense of Beauty

It’s the beauty of some moments,
That lets me exist a little longer,
Kind things as well as people,
That make me hope
Another real day will dawn.

So I live through the nights,
Dreams are my food and hope
For better times.

* * *

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