Eine neue Belagerung der Brynn
Eine neue Belagerung der Brynn

Whenever you think things can’t get worse, they even get worse.


No one protects you from the cockiness of tyrants, no one.
They smile at you when they betray you and feel good for it.
Energy vampires who take pleasure in seeing you suffer.
No one helps you, you’re godforsaken. No one.

Since God sent you these neighbors as punishment
For sins you have not committed.
They are happy about every little nastiness
They believe they have every right to do so, proudly.

They only obey laws when it is to their advantage
Otherwise they take every right to get to the goal.
They are excessive in their actions, they know no limits,
They brag about achievements, collect them like trophies.

All these days you’re sinking in grief but you’re not drowning.
You crave sleep, but the pain keeps you awake.
You’re bitter because you’ve been abandoned.
But you can’t stop hoping because you are a believer.

You see distant islands in the desert, but wasteland remains.
You dream of better times, unknown countries, but you gaze away.
And all your skills are useless because you cannot use them, mustn’t.
Because they have made it all up nicely: a game you can only lose.

No one protects you from the tyrants‘ high spirits, no one.
Since God sent you these neighbors as punishment.
They live from you, and they drain your strength as long as you exist.
That’s the only reason they let you alive.

* * *

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Martin Dühning, geb. 1975, studierte Germanistik, kath. Theologie und Geschichte in Freiburg im Breisgau, arbeitet am Hochrhein-Gymnasium in Waldshut und ist Gründer, Herausgeber und Chefredakteur von